Working Together on Foreign Policies With the Help of RSI

By Atlas LS

Not every politician speaks another language. This is quite true in the United States. At best, politicians are able to greet foreign dignitaries and diplomats in their own language with a few simple phrases, but lengthy conversations require translation services and conference interpretation. Here is how RSI can help your political career when you are speaking with someone about foreign policies and you don’t speak that other person’s native tongue.

two people shaking hands - Working Together on Foreign Policies With the Help of RSI

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation During Covid

Not so long ago, you met with foreign diplomats, embassy ambassadors, and foreign dignitaries in person. Now, during the pandemic, too many countries are not willing to send their representatives in person. It has required a technological shift in how politicians meet all over the globe. For you personally this means using remote simultaneous interpretation services to communicate with others in your previously scheduled meetings.

It is necessary that when presenting your foreign policies to a foreign representative that he or she clearly understands what you are trying to convey. Even if you could effectively speak his or her language, words in another language still have certain nuances that can change the meaning of something you are trying to say. Furthermore, some languages, such as Chinese (Mandarin) or Japanese have several words that mean completely different things when mispronounced. You want to avoid any international embarrassment by making sure that what is said is properly translated for the others in the meeting or conference.

Conference Interpretation for Your Political Events

You can also choose to use live conference translation services. Unlike RSI, simultaneous conference interpretation involves having an interpreter flown into your location where they will provide on-site translation services. Conference interpretation is a great addition for gatherings that include international participants. By providing interpreting services at your events, it provides a great experience for all visitors, regardless of their native language.

Getting a Translated Transcript of a Conference

If you would rather not have an in-the-moment live translation of the meeting, a translated transcript can be requested. In this case, a complete recording of the meeting is taken and all conversations are recorded and translated into document form. Most politicians prefer to have translations as the meetings occur, but the translation document may help resolve future issues if someone can’t remember what was initially said in a foreign policy meeting.