Skills to Succeed as a Language Translator

By lithost

Although most people are not bilingual, the industry for language translators is highly competitive. You cannot just know how to translate one language into another. You need a range of other skills to succeed. If you’re looking for a translator, it’s important to know the right skills to look for in a provider. Here are … Continued

How Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) Can Help During COVID-19

By Atlas LS

Amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the world as we know it has changed drastically. Social gatherings are considered a risk factor, on-site work is restricted to essential services, and in-person meetings are avoided at all costs. For the translation industry, these measures have made it challenging to deliver essential solutions such as conference translation services. … Continued

Equipment Used to Assist With Language Translations

By Atlas LS

Translating words from one language to another is manual labor. To make the process move much faster, it’s necessary to use equipment. Software is the main piece of equipment needed to make language translations. To translate live meetings, the translators may need television screens, headsets, speakers or microphones. Free Online Language Translators You’ll find a … Continued

Opening Doors to Business through Translation

By Atlas LS

The size or type of your business that you run doesn’t have to put any limitations on your growth. Small businesses, just like larger ones, can open new doors and experience expansion. This often requires thinking outside-the-box especially when it comes to acquiring different clients or audiences. Translation is definitely an industry that requires another … Continued

Get Your Remote Interpreter

By Atlas LS

Reaching the World The world is more connected now than it ever has been. Thanks to the advances of modern technology, we can travel the world and see foreign lands within a relatively short period of time. We are able to meet people who we may have never been able to meet with before, and … Continued

Businesses Standing Out by Offering Language Inclusion

By Atlas LS

Objectives change each year for businesses that are trying to compete globally, which is why flexibility is important. One of the most effective ways to attract clientele from around the world is to offer language inclusion. Although English may be the most popular language, it is not spoken and understood by everyone. Businesses stand out … Continued

Positive Impacts that Language Focuses Have on Business

By Atlas LS

It doesn’t really matter what type of business or company you are running currently. Those that conduct operations with a global reach have to focus on the importance of language. Translation services are essential things to invest in when you want to reach clients in different countries. These play a role in how products are … Continued

The Importance of Translation in Business Communications

By Atlas LS

There are many different types of businesses and organizations that operate around the globe these days. These are essential entities to communities that represent specific fields and industries. Communicating thoroughly is critical to all of these areas and cannot be done effectively when language barriers exist. This is why having good means of understanding each … Continued

Several Important Tips for Language Translators

By Atlas LS

Translating words from one language to another is not always simple and straightforward. The words have to change without affecting the meaning. There are some words that are difficult to find counterparts for. Here are a handful of important tips to help with your translations. Maintain Good Grammar and Spelling Skills When you’re working with … Continued

The Consequences of Incorrect Legal Translations

By Atlas LS

Translating a legal document comes with many special requirements. An incorrect legal translation causes all kinds of problems for lawyers and their clients. When you do the work incorrectly, it needs to be done all over again, and you lose profits. Here are a few consequences of making inaccurate translations on legal documents. Getting Off … Continued