3 Times Google Translate Embarrassed Themselves

By Atlas LS

Arguably one of the most popular online language translation tools in the world, Google Translate is trusted by millions of users for quick, non-critical translation needs. Occasionally, however, Google Translate has completely dropped the ball, giving its audience hilarious outputs. Check out some of the best flops from Google Translate this year…


Have you ever typed particular characters into Google Translate to get a fairly strange translation? If you haven’t, try it out with the characters these individuals used.


えぐ – Return

えぐえぐ – Regret

えぐえぐえぐ – Eco-Production

えぐえぐえぐえぐ – Wednesday Eggpling

えぐえぐえぐえぐえぐえぐえぐ – DECEARING EGG

To truly understand the humor in DECEARING EGG, check out this YouTube video covering this translation which was viewed over 4 million times!


Flipping the characters is just as enjoyable…

ぐえ – Toe

ぐえぐえ – Smoky

ぐえぐえぐえ – Deep-fried Eggplant

ぐえぐえぐえぐえ – Tasty mochuge

ぐえぐえぐえぐえぐえ – Eggplant

ぐえぐえぐえぐえぐえぐえ – Footprint Eee

ぐえぐえぐえぐえぐえぐえぐえ – Footprints Eggplant

ぐえぐえぐえぐえぐえぐえぐえぐえ – Easy google map

Keep going on your own to find more of what Google thinks these symbols mean. The possibilities are seemingly endless!


Vietnamese Alphabet

Another strange translation Google picks up is that of the Vietnamese alphabet. It turns out, the alphabet actually means something (According to Google Translate):

Vietnamese translation


Google Poetry

Then, there is the poetic side of Google Translate. We’re not talking William Shakespeare or Emily Dickinson, but in its’ own category possibly. Ben Zimmer, a linguist, began to notice that other characters in the Japanese language, when repeated over and over again, result in a strange type of poetry. You be the judge…

When Zimmer repeatedly entered two characters which are pronounced “e tsu”, Google Translate delivered the following:

A house
Escape to the world
Electric roof top
A terrible experience
I miss you for a friend
I’m Loveland
I’m afraid to use it
I loan it for you
I miss you for a ___ ___ 0
Irregular situation
I felt it was a big experience.
Meanwhile Canoeing
Meanwhile, it is a must do for you
Meanwhile I can say that I am a
Meanwhile, we are a
Meanwhile, we are a
Take a look at the top of the page
I miss you for a moment.
IMPORTANT: I can not go wrong.

Okay, so Google Translate is indeed an incredible, free online tool that comes in handy for a quick, general translation. However, it still has some “issues” to work out. While it’s fun to find the humor in Google’s mistakes, professional translation is no laughing matter. When you need a trusted, professional translation team, let Atlas Language Services be your guide, from Arabic to Zulu.