Established in the United States, Atlas Language Services, Inc. is a dedicated language service provider (LSP) committed to delivering top-tier language solutions. As a prominent entity among Chicago translation companies globally recognized for its international translation services, Atlas Language Services, Inc. has emerged as a dependable firm for diverse language translation necessities. The company’s vast array of services includes conference interpretationremote simultaneous interpretation, and document translation, among numerous other offerings.

Tracing back to its inception in 2000, Atlas Language Services, Inc. was initiated by an astute management team that played a crucial role in shaping the landscape of language interpreter certification during the early and mid-1990s. This team was instrumental in laying a robust foundation for the company’s high standards and requirements for its language teams.

Working closely with the Judicial Council and the California Court Interpreters Association (CCIA), Atlas Language Services, Inc. significantly established stringent standards and state regulations defining legal proceedings and requirements. This landmark involvement was vital in creating high standards and expectations for the company’s language teams, ensuring consistent quality and precision.

Atlas Language Services, Inc. has assembled a management team with over four decades of extensive experience. The company has been actively involved in some of the most high-profile translation cases and has handled the translation of millions of words, reinforcing its esteemed reputation.

Chicago Translation & International Language Services

Atlas’s translation and interpretation team is centrally located in the United States. Our main sales office is in Chicago, and our corporate office is in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. This allows us to quickly and effectively handle needs anywhere throughout the country.

With a clientele that speaks for itself, we can satisfy your every linguistic need.

A few reasons to choose Atlas Language Services:

  • Each project is assigned a dedicated Project Manager.
  • Each language translation is assigned a translation team to ensure that the project is not only translated correctly but is proofed and edited.
  • Extremely high level of standards.
  • Our linguists ensure that the context of your project is applicable to your target market.
  • Our translators are highly qualified, certified and/or accredited.
  • We offer a range of translation formats to fit all your needs.
  • We won’t jeopardize our standards at any cost!
  • Your project is just as important to our team as it is to yours!

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Kevin McQuire, President/CEO

As President/CEO of Atlas Language Services since 2000, Kevin McQuire has been integral in building the company from the ground up. Kevin’s path originally had him becoming a police officer, then a lawyer until he found his true calling in linguistics. Kevin studied pre-law and obtained his B.S. in Business Management, but his true “education” came from a simple humble beginning working out of his mentor’s garage in the early 1990’s. Kevin helped grow his previous company from a two-man operation to one of the largest in Southern California. Then, in 2000, Kevin relocated to Chicago and started over. Now, 25 years into his career, Kevin has traveled the world; and worked with high profile clients such as Pope Francis; Vice President Biden; six (6) world Presidents and numerous other world and business leaders from every industry. Kevin jokes that his dossier must be interesting to read! Kevin is also on the Board of Directors for the Association of Language Companies (ALCUS) and Atlas is a member.

Fun Fact: Kevin flies approximately 100,000 miles per year! That’s 4 times around the world and since he can’t decide on a favorite city, he always states that his favorite city is always “…the one I am in!”.

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Jennifer Alvarez-McQuire, Vice-President

Jennifer joined Atlas Language Services in 2012 and brings 20 years of management experience with her. Jennifer is a Chicago native and attended Harper College. Jennifer’s educational focus was Elementary Education. After college, Jennifer pursued various professions until she found her calling with event management. For over 5 years, Jennifer managed events for one of the largest event centers in Northern Illinois. Jennifer’s passion, attention to detail and customer service is what defined her career. Since joining Atlas, Jennifer has coordinated international events for hundreds of thousands of attendees as well as traveled around the world. Jennifer’s toughest event to manage was actually based in Orlando, Florida. It involved over 47 staff members, 1,873 man hours, three weeks on site, with 6 different venues running simultaneously with 10 languages. Logistically it was extremely difficult to coordinate, but Jennifer and her team pulled it off without a hiccup! The highlight of her career was assisting Pope Francis and Vice President Biden during an event in Rome at the Vatican in April 2016.

Fun Fact: Jennifer loves the outdoors and exploring. Jennifer has hiked the Rocky Mountains in Colorado; Chitchen Itza in Mexico; Great Wall in China; and even a climbed an active volcano in Guatemala.

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