Marketing & Advertising Translation

We understand that consistency is key when marketing your product to consumers. Today, more than ever, companies are trying to expand market share by bringing their brand to new markets.

So, when you have a marketing campaign, ad copy, website, brochure, app, or any other promotional material, Atlas Language Services is your language partner for bridging those gaps with translation services in Chicago, Illinois. When looking for document translation companies to get your message across the language globe accurately, look no further than Atlas. Call or contact us online today…we’re happy to answer your questions.

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Eliminating Language Barriers

At Atlas Language Services, our goal is to help our clients expand their global communication presence with the help of translation services in Chicago, Illinois. Human, professional, and dedicated language translators are at our core to ensure the highest quality and comprehension for the end user.

Yes, translation services are changing and we are seeing an improvement in technology. However, that machine translation technology should be used as an aid, but not as an absolute. The technology just isn’t developed yet for all translation projects.

Formatting, Layout, & Desktop Publishing

You need a team who understands document translation and design when publishing multilingual documents such as books, brochures, websites, etc. At Atlas Language Services, you can be assured that our team will help include a design that will meet your needs while staying true to your original design and branding. Some languages use a different alphabet, read right to left, or may even grow by 20-30%. Our team addresses all aspects of your document translation needs including page layout, regardless if it is print or digital media.

We have provided translation services for:

  • Bargaining Agreements
  • Evidentiary and Financial Documents
  • Marketing Materials
  • Website Content
  • Human Resources Policies
  • User Manuals and Guides
  • Legal Documents
  • Clinical Trials
  • Intellectual Property
  • Technical Manuals
  • Product Packaging
  • Safety Protocols and Guidelines
  • Financial Reporting
  • Conference Materials
  • Contracts
  • Subtitles for Videos and Films
  • Immigration Papers
  • Government Documents
  • Corporate Communications
  • Customer Support Content
  • Educational Materials
Process Timeline

Our Team Works With: