When A Computer Is Not Helpful for Translators

By Atlas LS

In the past, people used dictionaries and their own memory to translate foreign words. Nowadays, there are computers to do the work for us, but the results are not always perfect. Here are several reasons why using a computer for translations can be more burdensome than helpful.

Slow Times and Freezing Screens

It’s common for computers to freeze up for various reasons. One reason is that the computer is moving too slowly, and another is that multiple applications are being used at the same time.

Once the screen freezes, it’s hard to get unfrozen and takes some patience. In many cases, it never budges and the computer must be restarted. Dealing with this problem is not ideal for language translators who use computers and the Internet often. If a tool lacks auto-save features, their work is lost for good.

Grammar and Spelling Errors

Using speech-to-text software helps you to record large amounts of information without lifting a finger. With an online language translator, you can translate a lot of text within seconds. It’s designed to be faster and easier than writing out the information by hand; however, there are numerous errors that may occur.

The computer cannot translate every word by verbatim. It’s common for a handful of words to be missing from computer-translated texts. Some words are misinterpreted and become translated as incorrect words or get jumbled together into nonsensical text. When any of the errors occur, the text becomes grammatically incorrect and looks like it was written by a non-native English speaker.

Translators must edit and proofread their work after translating it. This task is harder than it looks when you have to fix every incorrect word manually. So, using a computerized translator tool is not guaranteed to help you save time and effort.

Technical Issues

Computer usage comes with a wide range of technical issues. There is the problem of connecting to the Internet that’s affected by the computer, router or network. Poor connectivity is a common problem, even for people with the newest equipment. Translators who are running on strict deadlines cannot complete their work if they have unreliable technology.

The world shrinks in size as more people immigrate to new countries and travel around. International businesses will become more commonplace, and more people will need the assistance of professional translators. They are also looking for a company that provides a variety of costs and options, such as legal, scientific and conference translation services. No one can rely on the computer to translate long pages of text, so it’s more effective to hire a real professional instead.