Videoconferencing Tips for RSI Interpreters

By Atlas LS

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) includes the regular use of video conferencing to allow the easy, interactive communication between interpreters and the clients whom they interpret from. Keep your video meetings running smoothly by reviewing tips on how to prepare for your interpretations.

rsi translator videoconferencing

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid of allowing some interaction between the speaker and the interpreter. Without the interpreter’s efficiency, the conversation goes only one way. Ask questions and address concerns about any communication problems, and make sure that the final transcript is accurate.

Test the Sound Beforehand

Problems with audio are common when using audiovisual technology. You may have a speaker whose mic is not working or who is speaking too low to hear. Test the sound of the audio and microphones before the meeting starts. When it starts, get the participants to state their names first so you can test their audio quality. Make sure that they can hear you correctly, as well.

Look Directly at Others

Look directly at other people whenever you are talking to a speaker, another translator or the audience. You wouldn’t talk and face away from the camera, so keep your face in full view. If a camera is involved, look directly at the lens. If you’re reading from a paper, make it a habit to look up from the paper frequently.

Use Hand Gestures and Facial Expressions

It’s important to look as professional as possible on camera. However, it’s not necessary to stare blankly at the camera and sit perfectly still for an entire hour or longer. You want to keep the audience’s interest in the conversation. So, make a few hand gestures or show more expressions in your face to make the presentations more lively and energetic.

Have an Appropriate Background

In addition to ensuring that your hair and clothes are appropriate, make sure that your background is properly made. While you’re presenting to an audience of a hundred people, you don’t want them distracted by pets, furniture or people walking around in the background. Have a clean, blank background at all times. If you must have backdrop, make it relevant to your presentation.

Nowadays, communicating at a long distance is normal and expected of many business professionals. Videoconferencing is the new method they’re using to host global meetings with business people from different countries and cultures. Find a company that provides RSI and conference interpretation services to host your next virtual meeting.