Transcreation vs. Translation

By Atlas LS

In today’s competitive marketplace, you must find the right path to reach your customers and shareholders. There are many ways in which you can market and sell your product or service online. Depending on the industry, a particular channel might be considered more or less appropriate for your business. Transcreation and translation are two fundamental aspects of marketing. The terms are often used interchangeably, but they mean two different things regarding their implications for how a company markets its products and services online. Here we will look at transcreation vs translation in e-commerce and how both can help you reach your target audience.

international web concept - transcreation vs translation


Transcreation, or creative translation, involves relaying a document or information from one language to another but it does not have to be word-for-word. Things like idioms, sarcasm, and cultural nuances don’t translate correctly from one language to another so the process of transcreation allows for more freedom and creativity. Transcreation takes more time and resources than a standard translation project which is important to keep in mind if your business is on a tight deadline.

Transcreation is often falls into another category of language translation called Localization. Localization involves converting an existing document, image, software or other media into a format that can be posted on the web in an electronic format. It consists in translating the text into another language and then producing it as a digital file. Localizing your business website for a foreign market may involve translating the website content into the appropriate language and then producing it as an online file.

Transcreation Projects: Online marketing campaign for a business working in several international markets, website, marketing ad copy


Translation is the process of converting one language into another language. Translation is a way to communicate with people who speak different languages. In today’s globalized world, translation has become an essential part of marketing. Everyone needs to understand and appreciate the culture of their customers and stakeholders before they can effectively market their products or services online.

Translation projects: Written documents, manuals, brochures

Benefits of Using Language Translation Services

If you use translation effectively in your marketing efforts, you can reach more people and make more money in no time. Language translation services can help you build trust with your target audience and make them feel they are being taken care of when they buy from you online. These services can also help you communicate with your customers more personally. Use a translation company to promote your products and services worldwide through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to give excellent exposure to your business. Using a translation company will ensure all your customers get the best value for their money because they will be offered what they want at all times from various places around the web.

The digitization of the world is bringing about many changes, one of which is the growing popularity of e-commerce and e-marketing. We are already seeing many people starting their businesses online, and we can see the success of these ventures in the amount of revenue they generate. Transcreation vs translation will help you reach out to your target audience and make it easier to communicate with your customers more personally. With this in mind, you should consider using these two channels in your marketing strategies to achieve better results for your business.