Tips to Improve Your Remote Simultaneous Interpretations

By Atlas LS

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) is the process of interpreting speech in real time while working remotely and streaming through video. Interpreters work for any client in need of services at any location in the world. There are many problems that could occur during a session, and half of the problems come with being unprepared. Review the following tips on how to improve your performances.

rsi interpreter - Tips to Improve Your Remote Simultaneous Interpretations

Listen Hard

Interpreters must perform two tasks at the same time. They have to listen well and speak whenever they’re not listening. Listening carefully helps you to think ahead and anticipate the words that are coming next. This prevents any delays as you move from one line of interpretation to another.

Understand the Culture

Understand the culture of the language that you’re interpreting. This improves your interpretations by reducing errors in grammar and pronunciation. Every language has cultural words and phrases that are known only to people who speak that language. Although interpreting slang is not common, it’s possible that you’ll face unusual words that cannot be translated accurately without having some cultural knowledge.

Control Your Speed and Tone

Maintain a consistent speed and tone of voice as you interpret. Speaking too fast is a common mistake that interpreters make when trying to keep up with the other speaker. Overall, speak in a way that ensures your comfort as long as it’s overblown by being too loud or too fast.

Remain Calm During Bad Situations

Misinterpreting what the speaker said and not hearing what was said are common mistakes that you’ll face. It’s important to backtrack and correct every mistake that was made. However, do not dwell too much on small mistakes or you will miss the rest of the conversation that is being spoken.

If the speaker is talking too quickly or loudly, you have the right to confront him or her and ask for a more proper exchange. Working with an unreasonable speaker is frustrating for everyone, so make sure that you are being treated fairly and given the chance to do your work properly.

Finding an interpreter is easy, but finding one who can perform RSI effectively is a challenge. Miscommunications and technical problems could occur during a remote video session. Much of the responsibility is placed on you, the interpreter, so continue to improve your skills and knowledge. As a client, find a company with experienced professionals who provide translation services.