Three Helpful Tips For Working with Conference Interpreters

By Atlas LS

Tips For Working with Interpreters for Multilingual Events

The world is more connected now than it has ever been, and this is a huge benefit for you. You can watch great movies from different countries, and all that you have to do is enable English subtitles. Apart from that, you can attend and host conferences and seminars around the world. You simply have to have conference interpretation services. The service of legal translation and conference interpretation is extremely valuable. Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most challenging tasks to perform. The interpreter has to listen carefully, take in the message, break the message down into meaning-based pieces, find the equivalent message in the second language and then render the interpretation. Since the interpreter has difficult tasks, you do well to follow some of the tips below to make the interpreter’s job less difficult.

business conference - interpreter tips

#1 Prep Your Interpreter Before the Conference

Your interpreter needs all of the information possible before the conference. When your interpreter understands the content and the spirit of the conference, he or she can convey the message in its intended fashion. If you have a slide show presentation, notes, or any other information that would help the interpreter to interpret, please send that information to your RSI interpreter before the assignment starts.

#2 Do Not Talk Too Fast

This can be a challenge for the presenters. When a presenter is presenting, it can be nerve-wracking, so he or she may tend to talk fast. It is not always possible to get the presenters to talk slowly, but it is something to consider reiterating to them. When presenters talk too fast, it can be virtually impossible for the interpreters to keep up. This can lead to omissions and misunderstandings. Talking too fast can be even more frustrating for interpreters who are doing remote simultaneous interpretation.

#3 Leave Out The Jokes

Jokes are nuances, and they are generally specific to a certain culture or language. There is no clear way to interpret a joke, so if you have a comedy show that you want to have interpreted, you are going to have to give your interpreter all of the jokes before the presentation so that he or she can find an appropriate equivalent. If you can not give your interpreter your jokes, then you can be sure that your non-English speaking audience is not going to understand your jokes. Jokes are the bane of interpreters, so always remember to give them to your interpreter ahead of time, or leave them out.

Get Your Message Out

Through the help of modern technology, you can give a message to people who speak various languages. You want to engage your non-English speaking audience at your conference, but you need to work closely with your interpreters to make that happen. There is nothing that takes the place of a skilled interpreter, so when using conference translation services, be kind to your interpreter, and follow the three tips above.