The Importance of Legal Translations

By Atlas LS

Legal translation is one of the most challenging types in the translation industry yet, one of the most requested. Government agencies, law firms, and corporations often require the services of a specialized legal translator.

legal translations

What’s crucial about legal translations is that one little mistake can lead to misunderstandings among parties and damaged reputations if they’re not precise and accurate.

Keep reading to learn more about legal translation and why hiring a specialist on the subject is essential.

What Is Legal Translation?

Legal translation refers to all kinds of translations related to legal documents such as contracts, agreements, laws, patents, personal papers, wills, birth certificates, and more. Legal translators must be trained in languages and their native legal system in order to convert documents into other languages properly.

Benefits of Hiring a Legal Translator

There are many benefits of having a legal translator on your team. Legal documents can be complicated to translate into another language, and one small incorrectly translated detail can change the entire meaning of the paper. This can lead to disagreements between the parties, damaged reputation, financial issues, and even jail.

Hiring a legal translator can help you with:

Accurate Translations: Legal translators understand the legal connotations and official terms that a foreigner would struggle to comprehend. This will ensure that the message is delivered correctly.

Legal Formatting: Each country or jurisdiction has its own format regarding laws and legal documents. Legal translators not only translate these papers but also know the format, so it is acceptable to deliver the way it’s supposed to look.

Cultural Implications: Legal translation goes beyond grammar, lexicon, and semantics. Professionals must be aware of the cultural context of each project’s law and legal language to deliver appropriate translations.

Deadlines: Having a delayed document delivery because of language barriers is not acceptable, at least not in most legal setups. Legal translators often follow strict work deadlines to avoid legal and personal conflicts among parts.

Atlas Language Services counts on a team of expert legal translators.