Several Important Tips for Language Translators

By Atlas LS

Translating words from one language to another is not always simple and straightforward. The words have to change without affecting the meaning. There are some words that are difficult to find counterparts for. Here are a handful of important tips to help with your translations.

language translators

Maintain Good Grammar and Spelling Skills

When you’re working with words, as a writer or editor, you need to maintain good grammar, spelling and vocabulary. Translators are no exception as they work with words in two or more languages. Converting the words is only one part of the whole task. It’s also important to understand the meaning of the words and sentences.

Make the Sentences Concise

Reduce the wordiness of translations that may include run-on sentences or redundant words. You want to copy the translation verbatim, but also make it concise and easy for everyone to read.

Add Active Voice

Write your translations in active voice and avoid passive voice whenever possible. Passive voice strings along unnecessary words that make the sentences longer than necessary. Passive voice makes the actions sound like they were done in the past, while active voice makes the actions sound current.

Use Correct Punctuation

Use the correct punctuation marks when writing down times, dates, weights, heights, temperatures, etc. Leaving out important punctuation makes the reading more confusing. Learn the rules of punctuation that vary in different languages.

Words vs. Numbers

On some documents, it looks more professional to write out numbers. In most American writing, small numbers are written out. Another rule is to write out numbers that start at the beginning of sentences.

Use Software

Most modern professionals who work with words every day use software to check the accuracy of their work. Language translators have access to dozens of tools that are available online or downloadable. Using this tool to assist your translations is only recommended because many tools are not 100% accurate.

Review the Materials

Even native speakers have difficulties speaking or writing in their native languages. Review the grammar and spelling tips that have helped you to become a professional translator. Memorize the guidelines to be able to complete your translations quickly and efficiently.

Removing language barriers is an important goal for all translators. However, instead of bringing people and businesses together, you could push them further apart by making bad translations. Fix grammatical mistakes and avoid making them in the first place. Look into the legal, scientific and business conference translation services available at a professional translation company.