The Ultimate Guide to Picking a Translation Company for Your Event

By Atlas LS

You have an event coming up. It involves speakers and attendees from different languages and cultures. You need a professional translation company to help you out. But how do you pick one? What services do they offer? What factors should you consider? Some of the services that we offer are Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI), conference interpretation, and legal matters. Here is the ultimate guide that answers all your questions!

Conference with people sitting at table and person giving presentation.
Here is the ultimate guide to picking a translation company.

Conference Translation Services

Conference translation is the real-time translation of a speaker’s spoken words into another language by a translator. Two methods exist for this: simultaneous and consecutive. The translator speaks simultaneously with the speaker in simultaneous translation. The translator speaks consecutively with the speaker in straight translation after the speaker pauses.

Conference translation takes work. It requires more than just language skills. It also requires subject matter expertise, cultural awareness, and technical proficiency. So, when you look for a translation company for conference translation, you should look for the following:

• Conference translators who are qualified and experienced. They should be native speakers of the target language and have knowledge of the topic and terminology of your event.
• Conference translation equipment that is state-of-the-art. It should include soundproof booths, microphones, headphones, transmitters, and receivers. It should be compatible with your venue and meeting platform. It should be tested and maintained regularly.
• Project management and technical support team who are professional. They should coordinate and supervise the translation process. They should troubleshoot any issues and ensure quality and accuracy.

Legal Translation

Legal translation is when a translator translates legal documents from one language into another. Legal papers can include contracts, agreements, certificates, patents, etc. Legal interpretation is not easy either. It requires more than just language skills. It also requires legal knowledge and accuracy. So, when you look for a translation company for legal matters, you should look for the following:

• Legal translators who are certified and experienced. They should be familiar with the legal systems and terminology of the source and target languages.
• Quality assurance procedures include proofreading, editing, and cross-checking by other legal experts. They should ensure accuracy and compliance with legal standards.
• Confidentiality and security measures that protect your sensitive information and data. They should prevent unauthorized access or disclosure.

Translation Equipment Rental

Translation equipment rental is when a translation company provides you with the equipment you need for your translation needs. This can include interpretation equipment or audiovisual equipment. Interpretation equipment includes booths, microphones, headphones, transmitters, and receivers. Audiovisual equipment can consist of sound consoles, speakers, recorders, etc. Translation equipment rental can save you time and money by eliminating the need to buy or maintain your equipment. So, when you look for a translation company for translation equipment rental, you should look for the following:

• A wide range of translation equipment options that suit your event size, format, and budget.
• Fast and reliable delivery and setup of the equipment at your venue or online platform.
• Flexible rental terms and conditions allow you to adjust or cancel your order as needed.
• Customer service and technical support are available 24/7 for any questions or issues.


Picking the right translation company for your event can make a big difference in the success of your communication goals. By following this guide, you can find a translation company that provides high-quality conference translation services, conference interpretation, translation equipment rental, and more across the globe. Whether your event is big or small; whether you need translation for famous brands, politicians, or religious leaders; you can trust Atlas Language Services to deliver the best translation solutions.

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