Medical Documents You Should Get Translated

By Atlas LS

If you work in the healthcare field, medical translation is something you should consider. Investing in medical translation is essential to providing quality healthcare to all patients, promoting inclusiveness, and staying within the legal regulations that each case requires.

So what are the vital medical documents you need to translate to provide your non-English speaking patients with quality care?

Doctor helping patient with medical translator at her side.
Provide Quality Healthcare with Medical Translation

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When a new patient enters a healthcare center, forms should be available in various languages. This makes it much easier for the patient to fill out the form if it is available in the patient’s original language or one that they are familiar with.

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To receive any treatment, the patient must consent. Consent documents include the patient’s approval for immunization, procedures, treatment, and release of information. Translating these legal files will ensure that your patients are informed and aware of what they are signing.

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After surgeries or routine check-ups, most doctors give their patients specific instructions for taking care of their health or performing specific studies that require prior preparation. The patient’s health may be at risk if they cannot understand these instructions and even stop the effectiveness of the treatment.

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