Lesser Known Industries That Need Translation Services

By Atlas LS

Many people think that it’s not necessary to translate products and services in every industry. As long as people from different countries use your services, you need to use a translator. Globalization is now a standard feature for every type of business. Here are a few, lesser-known industries that need translation services.

hello in multiple languages - industries that need translation services

Product Descriptions

People from all nationalities will visit your store, whether it’s online or within a building. Most products have images on the cover that reveal the contents inside; however, it’s always best to have a written product description. Even with a picture, it may be difficult or impossible to know what you are buying. Any business that has many international customers should make their purchases easier by providing descriptions in various languages.

GPS Apps

Today’s travelers use GPS navigation apps instead of foldout road maps. The maps are clearer to see on a phone, and step-by-step directions are provided to users. Ideally, this tool should be made available in a wide range of languages for international travelers.

Instruction Manuals

In the import/export industry, millions of products are made in certain countries, like China or India, and then shipped to all other countries in the world. All electronic products, from stoves to stereos and phones, come with instruction manuals that vary from being one page, two pages or hundreds of pages. Since a typical product moves from one country to another, make your manual in two or more language versions.

Video Captions

Everyone enjoys watching movies and TV shows from different countries. For fans of foreign entertainment, nothing is more frustrating than not finding subtitles on a video, whether it’s on a video sharing site, website or DVD. It’s simply convenient to people from different countries to include captions in two or more languages.

Airport Travel Brochures

Thousands of people pass through major airports every day. Hundreds of international visitors enjoy picking up and reading travel brochures while waiting for their flights. These include sightseeing guides that are packed with information about local buildings, monuments or businesses. Companies increase their revenue dramatically by making brochures that are accessible to everyone.

Types of Translation Services

Some business owners assume that they don’t need regular translation services. The reality is that this service is universally needed by all types of businesses as globalization becomes more prevalent. For lawyers, there are legal translations, and conference interpretation services for entrepreneurs. Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) is for speakers at live conferences or meetings. For your services, find the best professionals to provide the highest quality translation services.