How Conference Translation Services Can Boost Attendance

By Atlas LS

Does my conference need translation services?

Conferences are a great way to bring individuals together in a community of like minded people. The format of conferences can leave guests minds full of new ideas and opportunities, but all the hustle and bustle can be a barrier for folks that use English as a second language. The thought of listening and speaking all day long in one’s non-native language may be enough to deter guests from attending. Whether your event is expecting 100 guests or 100,000, having conference translation services available can increase the number of folks who attend.
conference translation

Increasing Conference Attendance

Hiring a service to translate at your conference is a great way to catch both international and domestic guests who might otherwise be unable to attend your conference. The beauty of conference translation is that it doesn’t just include live translation during presentations. You can also request document translation to help market your conference as well as keep attendees in the loop during the event.

Having great translators on site gets people engaged and excited about topics. When international attendees get to your event, they’ve already put a lot of time and money into just being there. On its own, international travel can be draining. Having translators available makes the experience better, and helps ensure that they come back to the next event.

Growing Your Conference

Improving your conference over time and scaling up the operation is hard to do without the support of an international community. Hiring a great translation service give attendees the support and resources they need to come back year after year. Once you have repeat attendees, you can be sure that your event will gain an international reputation.

Improving Accessibility

Another great benefit of translation services at your conference is that it increases the overall accessibility for all kinds of folks. This includes not only the international community, but also people who are hard or hearing. In additions to spoken word translation, you can request sign language interpreters. This makes your conference more open to yet another community, which in turns will make it even more accessible over time.

Once you’ve decided to hire a translation service for your next conference, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best. A great service uses the latest technology, regularly rotates their translators in shifts for the best performance, and offers complete packages to meet your needs. The best conferences are accessible to wide swaths of people, and you want to be sure that your audience is getting same quality from your event whether they’re from Spain, South Korea, or anywhere in between.

For more information on Atlas Language Service’s world class conference translation, head over to our Conference Interpretation page and read about our long track record and extensive services.