Expand Your Business on a Global Scale with Translation Services

By Atlas LS

Having a business that is doing well domestically is great. You could keep expanding your business here in the U.S., but what about taking the next big step? Moving to make your business an international company is huge. If you don’t personally speak languages fluently, you will need translation services. Here’s how various translation services can advance your company to the global level.

Global Business Meeting - Remote Translator

You Don’t Have to Speak the Language When RSI Does It For You

Everyone has seen the sci-fi shows where aliens and humans are able to freely communicate with no trouble at all. Simultaneous translation between species isn’t science fiction; it’s here already, except that it’s humans from around the globe. It doesn’t matter if you can’t speak Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Italian or any other foreign language. RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation) services automatically translate everything you say into the other person’s language and vice versa.

You do have to utilize a special cloud-based platform, but the translations are smooth as silk. All you have to do is be aware of the time zone differences prior to making calls. Then you can wheel and deal with anyone anywhere in the world.

Nothing Is Misconstrued During Major International Conference Calls

Having conference translation services occur at the very moment in time when you are conducting a conference call with international business partners is huge. You will never misconstrue what someone said or end up with a major international faux pas. While using a professional interpretation service, you will never accidentally insult those with whom you are trying to do business. Our expert translators know their languages well and are very careful with how they translate. They will even clarify the word or words that are said to avoid any misunderstandings.

Get a Translated Document From the Conference Too

Just to be sure everyone is on the same page, the live conference interpretation and translations can also be translated into written documents and printed out. You receive a copy of the entire conference in English, while the foreign representatives receive a copy in their native language. Vitally important business contracts and documents are also translated into both languages so that you and your new business partners are in total agreement with what the documents stipulate.

You are then free to file everything accordingly and begin your expansion of your company on a global scale. Reuse the same translation services for any number of international languages. If you do speak a foreign language, but it’s rusty, you can still have a remote translator sit in on the call or the meeting to help you if you get tongue-tied speaking the other party’s language.