Differences Between Transcription and Translation

By Atlas LS

Translation is a process defined mainly as adapting texts from one language into another. It sounds easy, but what happens when a professional has to translate documents that imply certain emotions, are tied to a context, or for example, slogans and taglines in the case of brands?

That’s when transcreation comes in. But where do we draw the line? Read on to learn the differences between translation and transcreation, how these two processes are related, and in which cases each can be applied.

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Learn the differences between translation and transcreation.

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The term translation refers to the process of transferring a text from one language to another in order to maintain the original message and communication. For marketing purposes, translation has become an essential tool since it allows businesses or brands to expand and reach new audiences.

Translation is used mainly in written documents, brochures, or flyers. But in many cases, especially in marketing or scenarios in which professionals need to cater to cultural differences, localization might be required. The goal of localization is to make texts culturally and linguistically appropriate for the location in which they will be distributed.

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Transcreation is composed of two words, translation and creation. It is a process of creative translation where the crossing from one language to another is not exactly word-for-word. Transcreation becomes necessary when slang, sarcasm, metaphors, or culturally specific references appear.

Although many things may change in the transcreation process, the end result must offer the new target audience a message that arouses the same emotions as the original message.

Transcreation and translation will help your business grow and reach your target audience successfully to achieve your goals.

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