How to Create a Perfect Workspace for Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

By Atlas LS

Remote simultaneous interpretation or RSI involves translating speech into another language in real-time and removes the need for translational equipment and in-person translators. Instead, RSI relies on mobile smart devices and cloud technology. To ensure you succeed in providing effective remote simultaneous interpretation for your clients, you’ll need specific items for your workspace.

Workspace for Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

The Items Necessary for Your Workstation

To ensure you have the best workstation for your translation services, be sure to set up two screens, according to The American Translators Association Chronicle. A second monitor can help you search online and look up materials or glossaries.

However, two monitors does not mean you need two computers. Either one high-powered laptop or desktop computer will do the trick. The reason two monitors will work better is because it will allow you to continually have the simultaneous interpretation platform open.

Some other items that you’ll need to have an effective workstation include:

  • Impressive headset and microphone
  • A spare headset/microphone combo
  • A quiet atmosphere to conduct your work
  • Soundproofing to ensure the microphone has a clear sound
  • Ethernet cable to connect to the Internet
  • Continuous power supply

With the right supplies, you’ll be a successful interpreter when working remotely. These tools should help you see effectively, hear effectively, and properly engage with the virtual booth user. Most importantly, you’ll need a quiet environment when you’re working.

You will want to use sound-absorbing materials if you want to ensure your workspace is quiet. You can use curtains, rugs, and other materials to hang on your walls to prevent noise from escaping and keep your workstation nice and calm.

This will help ensure the audio going out to your listener(s) will remain crisp and clear. Furthermore, smooth and cleared desks are actually not ideal for your remote translation services since smooth surfaces can generate an echo sound.

Final RSI Workspace Tip

It may also benefit you to incorporate green or blue screens on your monitors. These basic devices will cost you anywhere from $50 to $100, but provide you with more privacy and should prevent an echo or hollow sound in the audio that your listeners hear.


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