Benefits of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

By Atlas LS

Simultaneous interpretation is the ability to turn spoken messages or signed messages into another signed or spoken language while still keeping the foundational meaning and intent of the initial language. The ability to perform this function remotely can improve its reach exponentially. Being able to communicate with seamless interpretation remotely can be a powerful tool that anyone can use.

conference translator - remote simultaneous interpretation


Remote simultaneous interpretation is far superior to the normal methods of interpretation. The cost and large amount of time spent trying to create a process language interpreters can utilize is an outdated endeavor. The upfront cost of having to acquire equipment and then getting the qualified interpreter to whatever location that you need is a major hassle. And even after these two problems are satisfied, by that point no services have even been rendered. But with remote simultaneous interpretation, the travel expense and the equipment expense is negated. This will give you more time and flexibility to use your interpreter. It also gives you the option of remote and on-site usage. A hybrid may be necessary for your situation, and with virtual translation, this is much more feasible.

The number of languages available can also be increased. With on-site interpretation, you’ll need to find an interpreter who can speak multiple languages, if necessary, for each situation. However, this is difficult as one person can only speak so many languages. All languages are available to you with virtual translation since the ease of switching back and forth between interpreters along with quick access gives you a myriad of options.

Better Connectivity to Audiences

Being able to utilize a multilingual platform not only solves your personal or business translation needs but also fills the gap between users and creates a connectivity that empowers communication. Diverse presenters and audiences need the ability to present and consume relevant and helpful content wherever they are and whatever language they use.

Best Situations for RSI


Being able to pipe in an interpreter that can meet the needs of a host of people at a conference can be ideal. Interpreting for a large group, especially one that may be mixed, can be difficult for on-site interpreters to switch back and forth between languages.

Online Events

This is one of the ideal situations for a virtual translation platform to function seamlessly with your event. Virtual translation platforms can integrate very well with video platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams, or GoToMeeting.


Information at seminars needs to be delivered speedily and concisely as a presenter has much information to go over. Using a virtual translation platform to translate is one of the best ways to ensure this happens.

Panel Discussions

Panel discussions are perfect for using multiple participants locally or at a distance. RSI platforms can also integrate into several interpreters for each participant.


Conference translation services can be a great tool for increasing the efficiency and expediency of your translation problems. Not only will your translation problems be solved, but future translation needs to that may arise can be better serviced by this virtual process.