Add RSI Services to Your Next Meeting

By Atlas LS

As U.S. companies emerge from COVID lockdowns and begin holding more conferences and meetings face-to-face, there is an opportunity to include a greater diversity of voices in the conversation. By incorporating Remote Simultaneous Interpretation, or RSI for short, you can benefit from the plethora of perspectives offered by attendees who may not share a common language. There are many benefits of including such services for conference interpretation, but three key benefits will be elaborated upon below.

business meeting - add rsi services to your next meeting

1. Shows that you value the attendees

By including such technology, you are signaling that you value all of the attendees and want them to be a part of the process. When you allow them to hear what is being said in their heart language, they will be able to better understand the message as well as feel like the organization cares for them. RSI and conference interpretation allow for seamless real-time interpretation.

2. Promotes a variety of ideas

Including interpretation allows for participants from diverse backgrounds to participate in the conference experience more fully. They can share ideas or suggestions more confidently by using their native language. Diversity can lead to better decisions or outputs due to the variety of experiences shared. This means that offering translation services could help your organization better achieve the goals of the conference.

3. Ensures effective delivery

To avoid miscommunications or varying levels of understanding, consider offering translation in real-time to help attendees fully understand the information being communicated. There are countless ways communication can break down and fail to achieve its goals, even when a common language is being spoken. However, when you add the complexity of various languages being spoken, the difficulty only increases. By offering RSI or conference interpretation services, you can ensure that all attendees understand the content or information being shared by allowing them to hear it in their native language. The investment in these tools is worth it if it helps avoid costly mistakes that could occur due to a lack of understanding or an incomplete understanding of what was communicated.

As you plan your next work event, consider offering interpretation services to show the value you plan on all attendees, help promote a variety of ideas which could lead to better decisions or ideas, and to ensure the effective delivery of key ideas and information. There are so many benefits to conference interpretation and remote interpretation that occurs simultaneously. They can be powerful tools to make your next meeting a success.