5 Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit from Conference Translation Services

By Atlas LS

In today’s ever-connected world, there’s an increased need to be able to communicate with existing and potential clients from different parts of the world or locations where other languages are spoken. If you’re a small business, remote simultaneous interpretation and similar budget-friendly conference translation services can allow you to broaden your client base in a way that’s good for your bottom line. Below, we go over five of the ways smaller businesses can benefit from conference interpretation service options.

international meeting - conference translation services

1. Not Having to Hire On-Site Interpreters

With remote simultaneous interpretation, you can hold conferences with multi-lingual or international clients without the need to hire on-site interpreters. This ability alone can add up to significant savings if you’re a small business owner. Even hiring an interpreter for a few hours can be a budget stretch for some smaller businesses. Remote technology eliminates this burden.

2. Not Needing to Invest In Expensive Equipment

Yes, there’s translation equipment rentals you can use if hiring an on-site interpreter for your conference and other forms of contact with clients. However, RSI utilizes cloud-based technology which removes the need for on-site equipment. This is often much more economical and convenient for small businesses.

3. Gaining an Edge Over Your Competitors

RSI and other remotely provided translation services can give you an edge over competitors targeting similar clients. For example, you could regularly hold multilingual conference calls or even host events with potential clients, vendors, business associates, or investors from all over the world. This also gives you more opportunities with how you promote your business’ services and/or products beyond what your competitors may be currently doing.

4. Expanding Your Market Base

Translation services provided remotely and on your own terms can also make it easier to branch out into other markets beyond your current market(s). You might, for instance, discover as you reach out to international or multilingual clients that there’s interest in what you have to offer in under-served markets you may be able to serve in some way. What’s more, it’s often possible for smaller businesses to remain locally based while still shipping internationally to different markets. Translation assistance allows you to do this without worrying about language barriers.

5. Avoiding Potential Communication Issues

For smaller businesses, communication issues can have an even bigger impact, especially if the result is a loss of potential new business or damage to your reputation that could affect client relationships in other parts of the country or world. Professional conference interpretation assistance significantly minimizes the risk of communication gaps, blunders, or misunderstandings when dealing with clients more fluent in another language.

Solutions for Every Business Model and Size

RSI and other conference translation service options can be tailored to any business model for operations of all shapes and sizes in practically any location. Even if you’re a small start-up with a limited budget, cost-effective conference interpretation and translation services can give you the edge you’ll need to achieve your goals and boost your audience reach.