3 Important Points to Remember with RSI

By Atlas LS

Depending on the situation, your business or event may require live translations to meet the needs of different people. For example, your business may set up a meeting with people from multiple areas, so it would need to use Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI). This service requires properly planning, so here are three points to keep in mind.

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Have Interpreters Warm Up

If you need to hire people to help you with conference translation services, then you should have them warm up before the event. It can be difficult for people to talk for long periods of time, so having translators prepare their vocal cords would allow them to minimize strain or problems during the event.

Remember that these events can take multiple hours, depending on the way that you set them up, so you should prepare your interpreters ahead of time. This way, they will be able to keep up with the speakers and effectively translate for people. Warming up before hand will allow them to avoid stumbling over their words as they focus on translating.

Check the Equipment

Remember that this type of translation requires you to purchase the right equipment, such as wireless receivers and headsets. This way, people can sit during the meeting with ad have someone translate the event or conference through their devices. Due to this, you need to check the equipment ahead of time to ensure that it works correctly.

Checking the equipment requires you to make sure that all of the receivers turn on and the headphones work. You should also check the batteries to make sure that the receiver won’t die in the middle of the conference. On top of all of this, you should have extra receivers that people can use if something happens to theirs unexpectedly.

Do a Test Run

You need to remember that technology can have unexpected problems arise, so you should always do a test run of the system before you use it. Hook everything up, have people wear the headphones and ensure that they are receiving the signal. This way, you can give out receivers that work correctly and also keep things smooth during the event.

On top of this, you can try and solve any problems before the event occurs. This will allow everyone to have a smooth experience with the receivers. If you notice that any of the equipment doesn’t work, then you have time to fix it up and prepare it for the meeting. This will help you to minimize technical issues during the event itself.


RSI will provide you with plenty of benefits when you want to offer live translations during an event, but you should prepare for any issues that could arise. This involves checking the technology, having backup plans and even having the translators prepare. This way, you can ensure that the event will go smoothly for everyone involved.