Translating Sensitive Discussion Topics

By Atlas LS

People who are fluent in more than one language have the unique opportunity to choose fascinating careers as a translator. There are several different facets of translating services and experts in the field can choose careers that allow them to travel around the world. Freelance translators can earn their living while exploring the world and helping others. For those who prefer to stay close to home, part-time and full-time positions are available for translation services in local areas such as churches, hospitals, and schools. Some of the most interesting and important translation opportunities are related to sensitive situations.

Conference Interpretation - Translating Sensitive Discussion Topics

Political Campaign Meetings

Attendees in political rallies either want to show their support for a specific candidate or hear the positions of a rival candidate. Whether they are considering a vote or just want to learn about the issues at hand, it is vital that people who do not speak the local language are able to understand what is being said at political events. Rather than allowing these constituents to remain in the dark about important social and political issues, many lawmakers and political advisers ensure that translators in at least one language are available to facilitate the event and create rapport among all attendees. Translators can provide real time conference translation services and ensure that all members of the audience have an equal opportunity to participate.

Refugee Center Emergencies

Whenever there is a civil uprising or mass exodus from a particular geographic area, displaced people are already suffering in many ways. They have fear and trepidation about their future and everything seems uncertain. If they have been uprooted and redirected to an area where they do not speak the local language, their challenges are deeply compounded. Professional translators can ease this burden by answering questions, emphasizing benefits available, and explaining next steps in the process. People often feel better about a situation once they know how long they can expect to be in the area, or when change is coming.

Natural Disaster Relief Sites

During a natural disaster, families may be unexpected separated from their loved ones. This creates confusion and fear, similar to the refugee example. Residents who do not understand the language are unable to organize their own households or make plans to begin the process of adjustment. Likewise, they cannot participate in relief efforts, even when that means finding their own missing family members. Translators can assist these affected persons by providing much needed information and support services and letting victims know how to reconnect with their family members. Translation services are also vital in these situations because translators are able to explain schedules and show people who to find various relief services, including medical care, food, and shelter.