Six Major Advantages to RSI Services

By Atlas LS

If you run conferences or meetings that involve people from all over the world, then you may wonder about translation services. Some businesses will use remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) to provide for everyone’s needs at conferences. With this in mind, you could enjoy these six advantages if you use remote interpretation.

translation equipment - advantages of rsi

Overcome Language Barriers

This is the most notable benefit, but it’s also the most important. As long as you have someone that is fluent in both languages, you can see if they will translate the conference. For example, if you attend a meeting in a foreign language, then a translator could use a remote device to translate the speech for you.

Accuracy and Efficiency

On top of this, translators know both languages and any differences that they may have in structure. For example, a phrase or analogy may not make sense in another language, so the translator can provide an alternate phrasing that makes sense. This way, he or she can provide accurate and efficient translations.

Control the Volume

Keep in mind that remote interpretation allows each person to use a set of headphones and a device that can adjust the volume. This way, each person can increase the volume to ensure they hear the translations and better understand them. In short, everyone will pick an appropriate volume so they can listen without straining their ears.

More Flexibility

Since remote interpretation isn’t pre-recorded or added later on, it offers more flexibility when you use it. You just have to provide translators, give them a microphone and have people listen to them on the right channels. This way, you can provide translation services for everyone at the meeting.

Understanding vs. Meaning

While some people may know the language spoken, they may focus so much on understanding the conference that they may miss its overall meaning. However, if others translate the conference, then the listeners won’t have to worry about understanding the language and they can focus on the conference’s meaning.

Replacements as Needed

Since you will have tons of devices that can connect to the translators, you won’t have any serious issues if people have problems with their devices. They can simply let someone know and quickly get a replacement so they can focus on the conference. Since you can have lots of devices available, you can give people replacements as needed and fix them later.


If you’re looking into conference translation services, then RSI might be one of the best options available. It provides these six advantages, so it stands out among other translation options. Contact us today to find out how remote simultaneous interpretation can benefit your meetings and conferences.