Common Miscommunication Errors and How to Fix Them

By Atlas LS

Everyone has problems with communicating, even to those who speak the same language. Some people speak too little, while others talk too much and bring up irrelevant topics. People often give instructions that are vague or confusing for others to understanding. Learn more about common miscommunication errors and how to fix them.

Common Miscommunication Errors and How to Fix Them

Differences in Vocabulary

A major language problem involves the differences in people’s vocabulary skills. Intelligent, eloquent people have more sophisticated ways of speaking and writing. They use advanced words that are not used in typical conversations, like “plethora,” “repugnant” or “appeasement.” On the other hand, teenagers or uneducated adults often use simple words or slang terms to express themselves. When two of these types of people come together, the result could be a confusing and dissatisfying conversation. A well-read person will use big words that an uneducated person will not understand, or an uneducated person will use words that offend the other.

Knowing when to use certain words and with which types of people is the solution. There are some conversations where the language is too formal and others where it is too informal. Work on compromising the situation and striking a balance between two extremes in communication.

Speaking Before Thinking

Not speaking before you think gets people in all types of trouble. It’s common for celebrities to say things the wrong way and get misquoted or misinterpreted in the media. Thinking before you say anything is recommended instead of saying whatever it is you’re feeling or thinking at the moment. You avoid causing conflicts with other people, which could lead to serious confrontations in the future. You also avoid misrepresenting yourself in an unfavorable image. It takes a few seconds to think carefully about the words before speaking them.

False Emotions

It’s possible to overdo being politically correct. As a result, you could end up sounding more offensive than if you used offensive terms. Some people think that using politically correct language is trying too hard to be nice and hiding your true emotions. They will not appreciate people who appear to be fake and not willing to reveal their true feelings. To prevent this error, use terms that most other people use and avoid choosing your words too carefully so as not to offend.

Language miscommunication errors do not happen only to people of different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. Every day, they affect people who are speaking the same language, born in the same country and came from similar personal backgrounds. Some people have more advanced vocabularies than others, while others use slang words more often. Think carefully before you speak to reduce the number of miscommunication errors that you face every day. Our company provides a wide range of legal, medical and business conference translation services available in the language formats you need.