4 Beneficial Types Of Translation Services To Suit Different Situations

By Atlas LS

Hello, bonjour, hola, zdravstvuyte, guten, and konnichiwa are only to mention a few of the many ways to say hello. While basic greetings may seem like a cinch, full conversations between all the different types of languages in the world can get challenging. So, we try to find ways to either quickly learn a language or use the internet to try to get our message across. However, learning a language takes time and using the internet may have our intended meaning get, literally, lost in translation. So what do you do? You hire a translator or interpreter for those important meetings with highly-important individuals or to have important documentation translated. Today, we will discuss 4 different types of translation services and which service is beneficial to use for certain types of situations.

Types Of Translation Services

Conference Translation Services

As the name suggests, conference translation services are translation services typically used in conferences or meetings, whether virtual like on the telephone or in physical face-to-face meetings. The interpreters for this service usually translate using simultaneous or consecutive interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation or SI means the interpreter translates what is said as the speaker continuously speaks. For instance, one participant in a meeting speaks and understands English while the other participant speaks and understands Japanese. As one of the participants speaks, the interpreter will “simultaneously” translate or interpret what is said. This is commonly referred to as translating from the source language to the target language. In contrast, the interpreter in a consecutive interpretation or CI translates what is said after the source-language speaker has finished speaking.

This type of translation service is beneficial for business, political, religious, and other formal types of conferences and meetings where the conversation is live and active.

Technical Translation Services

Generally, a technical translation service involves an interpreter who will be interpreting or translating “technical documentation” such as user manuals, instruction manuals, industrial texts, engineering texts, and other similar types of documentation where a specialized terminology might be used. Technical translation services may also include scientific translation to interpret study reports, theses, and papers.

This type of service is beneficial for those who may already have literature or text in a source-language but need it to be translated to a target-language which includes specific specialized terminology.

Legal Translation Services

Interpreters who are providing legal translation services typically interpret or translate a variety of legal documentation. To mention a few, summons, warrants, registration certificates, corporate statutes, reports, and minutes of court proceedings are generally the types of documentation translated using this service.

This type of service benefits those who require interpreters to have a strong legal-specific terminology background along with their linguistic skills.

Certified Translation Services

Certified translation services are services where documentation has already been translated by an interpreter or translator. Translated documentation can include marital agreements, wills, civil status documentation, and other types of texts. Various countries may have different regulations regarding if a translator can certify their own translation. It is recommended to check the country’s regulating entity for more information.

This type of service is beneficial to those who already have their documentation translated and need it to be certified or require it to have legal validation.

These are only to mention 4 different types of translation services. Whichever service may benefit you and your situation, consider hiring professionals to interpret or translate for you. Whether it is for an important conference, meeting, presentation, or other important matters, hiring a professional and reputable translating company will ensure accuracy, professionalism, and integrity. If you find yourself traveling or needing translation services often while on the go, you may also want to consider renting translation equipment to take with you anywhere across the globe.