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Conference Interpretation and Equipment

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Seminar/conference/convention interpretation is a very specialized skill requiring the interpreter to listen, understand and interpret the presentation or speech verbatim within 2 – 4 seconds. Atlas’s seminar/conference/convention interpreters are credentialed by internationally recognized entities and universities.

Simultaneous Interpreting

During simultaneous, aka conference interpreting, the interpreter translates into the target language while simultaneously listening to and comprehending the next sentence. As such, simultaneous interpreting is an extremely demanding method of interpreting. Atlas Language Services hires the best and most experienced interpreters in the business both locally in Chicago and nationwide.

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Given the concentration levels required to listen and interpret at the same time, professional interpreters work in teams of two, alternating every 20 or 30 minutes. We therefore supply two interpreters for each language required.

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Simultaneous interpreting can require a large amount of equipment. Interpreters generally work in sound proof booths with microphones and headphones or with a portable interpreting system to ensure total concentration. As a result, Atlas provides all the equipment required to make the interpreting sessions a complete success. For all conferences and conventions, we provide an onsite project manager and/or technician to act as a contact between the interpreters and the client.

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Whispered simultaneous interpreting may be more suitable for smaller venues where only one listener needs the speaker's words interpreting. This is a “low tech” form of simultaneous interpreting where it is possible for a single interpreter to work alongside the listener without technical aids.

Atlas Language Services can tailor the perfect simultaneous interpreting services to your needs. Please click the link below to view our language interpretation solutions. Also feel free to contact us at 888.816.0577 or via email at to discuss your interpreting package and needs.

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