UPDATE: Humans Win in Translation Competition with AI

On February 21, 2017, Humans went head to head with AI (artificial intelligence) software programs. The battle? An all-out translation competition held in Seoul, South Korea. The winner? Humans! Experts predict that AI is quickly improving. That it will not be long until they are at an accuracy rate comparable to human-level. The Competitors Four … Continued

Humans vs. AI Translators in Huge Translation Competition

Seoul, South Korea is getting ready for a human vs. machine battle in a translation competition set to take place at 2:00 pm on February 21, 2017. Translators of the human side will go head to head with the machine translators of the AI (artificial intelligence) side. Who is competing in the Human vs. AI … Continued

Translation Tricks that will Blow Your Mind with Google Translate

Google seems to make everything easier, and every now and then they present a new idea that grows into a must-have. Thus, we have Google Translate. Simple enough? Sure…but there is so much more to this fascinating program that many might not even know about. With over 10 years since its’ creation, there has been … Continued

Why Language Translation Crowdsourcing is Not a Good Idea!

Brief article identifying and understanding what crowdsorcing is and how it relates to the language translation industry. The pitfalls of not using a professional translation firm to handle language projects and a short mention of Facebook.

Choosing Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment For Your Next Conference

Brief overview of the options available for simultaneous conference interpretation equipment. Article covers both infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) equipment as well as proving several tips for meeting and event planners when working with a simultaneous conference interpreter or language service provider.

Telephonic Interpretation, how important is quality and accuracy?

First, interpretation is a very difficult process. It is not just black and white, there are hundreds of items that an interpreter must consider while interpreting which makes our job difficult, other times rewarding beyond belief.  In a recent article published by Fox News, they reported on a case that has recently been dropped due … Continued